I offer a variety of educational services revolved around private, commission, and group type work. Please contact me for scheduling, locations, and rates.

I am based in Southern California, but I am available for travel domestically. In addition to bonsai related services I also offer niwaki/landscape work.

Julian Tsai

Private and Commission


I offer 1 on 1 private work for the creation, development, styling, and maintenance of both coniferous and deciduous material.

A specific project in mind, but no time to schedule a workday? I offer commission based services with pick up and delivery as well.


Group workshops are great learning opportunities not only to receive direction and work on your own tree, but to learn from material brought by other participants.

Recommended workshop size 4-7 people.


Classes are quite adaptable and range from large (7-10 people) group size discussion on a topic to study group configuration, 4-6 people, where we can be more hands on and accomplish more.

Please see my 2023 class calendar linked here:

Additional Services


After workBefore Work

Collection Management

I provide management as well as all educational services for both public and private collections. Tree boarding available on limited basis.