About me

My name is Julian Tsai. I am a bonsai professional and artist based out of Southern California. After quickly finding my passion in bonsai, I traveled to Japan in 2018 to pursue an apprenticeship under Keiichi Fujikawa of Fujikawa Kouka-en located in Osaka, Japan.

After returning at the onset of COVID, I have been operating professionally to collaborate with customers, work on collections, as well as provide educational services. I enjoy learning as much as teaching and I’m committed to continuously improving my skill and knowledge.


Bonsai, in its’ origin, is a multi-generational practiced art. That is to say in both respects, the median (the tree) and practice exceeds the human lifespan. Trees, like us, are living and thus constantly changing and growing. Just as we strive to continuously learn and improve our own lives, we can adopt similar principles bring the best out of our trees.

Collaborate with me–bring your passion and willingness to learn and I will offer all that I am. Lets continue to grow and enjoy the path!

Julian Tsai • Bonsai Artist and Professional