Welcome to my 2023 class calendar page! Currently I operate 3 study groups located in West LA, North Hollywood, and Oak Park San Diego. There will be 5-7 themed sessions spread throughout the year at each of these locations. The San Diego and North Hollywood groups will be run in a full day workshop format, while the West LA group at Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursey will offer a morning and afternoon session. Please see the “event” description for cost and more details. If you are interested in participating contact me via my site or my email julian.tsai96@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.

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The second study group session for North Hollywood will be run on April 29th. Session cost is $100 which includes lunch–please RSVP with me to secure your slot! The group is capped at 7 slots, a $50 deposit is required to reserve your position.

Spring is well underway and all of our trees should have been growing over a month since leafing out. This means our deciduous and broadleafed evergreens have begun lignifying or hardening off. Its a great opportunity to do shoot selection, cut backs, and defoliation with thread grafts. We can assess the state of development on these projects to set them on the right path for summer!

Trees to bring: Japanese maples, trident maples, oaks, olives, and any other deciduous or broadleaf!

What not to bring: Pines, unhealthy trees (okay for assessment but not to work on), Junipers*

*Typically junipers are pushing extensions at this time so it’s not the best timing to work on them. Situationally it may be okay–if you have a juniper you’d like to bring contact me first to discuss, thanks!

Please contact me at julian.tsai96@gmail.com