Welcome to my 2023 class calendar page! Currently I operate 3 study groups located in West LA, North Hollywood, and Oak Park San Diego. There will be 5-7 themed sessions spread throughout the year at each of these locations. The San Diego and North Hollywood groups will be run in a full day workshop format, while the West LA group at Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursey will offer a morning and afternoon session. Please see the “event” description for cost and more details. If you are interested in participating contact me via my site or my email julian.tsai96@gmail.com.¬†Thank you for your support.

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Our next session for the West LA Study Group will be September 9th (morning, 9 AM – 12 PM) ! Cost is $50. Please RSVP or contact me at julian.tsai96@gmail.com to secure your position.

We’re leaving summer and beginning to get close to the start of fall. At this time we can expect all conifers except decandled black pines to be lignified and deciduous/broadleaf material to be finished with the bulk of their growing. This means we can do wiring/styling and structural/cut back work. Olives and tropicals are still okay to repot at this time too! One exception to this work is major defoliation or heavy cut backs on deciduous material–we are in a weird transition state where the trees are still growing, but its also not quite fall. In general, I avoid inducing heavy flushes of growth that does not have sufficient time to lignify and at minimum grow for a month before the winter/dormant period. If the tree grows too late in the year, energy that should be dedicated towards next years buds are consumed and the tree doesn’t have enough time to build energy before winter. If you have any questions on what can or can’t be done, please feel free to contact me!