Welcome to my bonsai intensive calendar for 2024.  Last year I operated 2 locations in LA, located at Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursey and in North Hollywood. The LA groups will now be consolidated into one location, at my private garden located in Arcadia. These intensives are $80/session and run from 9 AM – 2 PM. I require advance RSVP and I cap the number of members.

Currently my San Diego groups are fully booked. If you’d like to join a waiting list for San Diego, please contact me privately via the contact form on my website.

In these intensives I follow these simple principles in the following order:

1) First all work is driven by the health of a tree. As a living art, if a tree dies it ceases to be bonsai. Horticulture and health is the basis for all work.
2) If a tree is healthy it is able to respond to different bonsai based techniques. We can leverage techniques to develop a tree, create branching, and generate predictable responses.
3) With great horticulture and technique, we can pursue art and realize different aesthetic visions or philosophical concepts of bonsai.

If you are interested in participating contact me via my site or my email julian.tsai96@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.

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The 3rd intense for Arcadia will be held on February 10th.  It runs from 9 AM – 2 PM and cost is $80. Lunch can be ordered or participants can bring their own lunch.

Notice that there is a 2 MONTH! hiatus from the last study group. This is very deliberate as we should be giving most of our trees a 2 month buffer of growth from spring for the next round of work. For trees that are in development, this buffer window from waking up is necessary to accrue strength, so that when we cut and work our trees they can respond by pushing additional branches. With that said, it is a great time for the first major cut period for all deciduous, broadleaf, and tropical trees! Typically juniper chinensis and our yamadori varieties will have lignified spring growth so we can wire those as well.

Pines are a no go right now since candles are soft and elongating, however we can summer graft black pine candles! It is a great time of year to accomplish major work. Please contact me at julian.tsai96@gmail.com to RSVP and for any questions. Thank you!